Car Service Somerville

For the best car service in Somerville, customers can’t beat the Bosch-approved Mornington Automotive Specialists. The Bosch seal is a seal of excellence, universally recognised for providing world-class car service. Somerville motorists can benefit from this seal of excellence, as a mechanic for Somerville is constantly being retrained, to improve techniques, in the face of a constantly innovating automotive industry. Bosch, as one of the largest parts manufacturer in the world, is at the avant-garde of these innovations, so knows which techniques are needed for car repairs in Somerville.

Mechanic Somerville

Our car mechanic in Somerville will perform repairs using only parts approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle, whatever the brand or make of vehicle. As a logbook service, we stick to parts that are purpose made for the vehicle when performing car repair. Our Somerville car repair therefore will maintain your new-car warranty. That’s right – you don’t need to take your vehicle to a dealership for a service, you can bring it to us, keep your warranty, but at a fraction of the cost!

Car Repairs Somerville

Our car repairs in Somerville gains its competitive edge from coming with a one-year warranty (or 20,000 ks, whichever comes first). This warranty is redeemable at any Bosch car service centre. You’ll be happy to know that there are over 12,000 stores across Australia open for car repairs! Somerville residents can find a Bosch car service centre close-by, wherever they are on the road.

Brake Service Somerville

For reliable brake service, Somerville locals can depend on Mornington Automotive Specialists. Although your brakes may seem to be working fine, they may only be working at half their capacity, meaning they won’t necessarily keep you safe in an emergency. To check whether you need brake service, Somerville residents can come to us and our mechanics will check for you.

Car Air Conditioning Somerville

To service your car air conditioning, Somerville residents can come to us to ensure its working at its best and safe for you and your passengers. Although servicing costs might deter you, it is likely that your car is using more fuel by working harder to keep the cool air running. With high functioning car air conditioning, Somerville drivers can rest-assured their car is running as normal, and the cool air will keep on coming.

Roadworthy Certificate Somerville

Any car on the road needs to have a roadworthy certificate. Somerville locals who are trading a vehicle as a buyer or seller need to ensure the car has been inspected and received a roadworthy certificate. By receiving a roadworthy certificate, Somerville motorists have met their obligations under the law.

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