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For brake service in Mornington on which you can depend, there’s only one place to come to – Mornington Automotive Specialists. Whether you drive a Volvo, Audi, BMW, Peugeot or other vehicle, the brakes in your car are your first line of defence.

Most of the time, brakes are only used to about half or three quarters of their capacity. They may seem to work fine in ordinary driving conditions, but when it comes to emergency manoeuvring, they mightn’t be performing at the necessary level to keep you safe! This is really the test of your brakes, when you need to brake suddenly and brake hard!

Not sure if it’s time for a brake service? Mornington motorists can check for a few signs that may mean your brakes are in need of service or repair. If your brakes are spongy or otherwise grinding, rather than braking freely, then you may need a service. You should also make sure that your brake pads (visible through the wheel’s hubcap) are not less than an inch thick.

brake service

Many drivers, wishing to avoid the expense of servicing will delay getting a service. This is not advisable, as the longer you leave your brakes, the more likely your brakes will sustain serious damage and the more likely you are to have a minor braking incident turn into a major accident.

We also perform car air conditioning service and can provide you with a roadworthy certificate. This is important – in case you are seeking to sell your vehicle (or purchase a new vehicle). Whatever suburb you’re in, whether Hastings, Red Hill, Rosebud, make sure your brakes are regularly serviced.




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