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Mornington Automotive Specialists is a Bosch certified service centre with a team of highly qualified technicians dedicated to bringing you the very best services.


Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Mornington


Before you buy, get a pre-purchase car inspection from Mornington Automotive Specialists. We provide certificates of roadworthiness for car buyers and sellers, as well as the detailed pre-purchase inspections that look beyond the car’s current roadworthiness, with the potential to uncover deeper issues and points of concern.


With a pre-purchase inspection you have a much clearer picture of what to expect from your used car purchase. Our mechanics may identify a minor fault that will need to be addressed in future, or they may discover past damage that makes you reconsider a potential purchase. Whether you decide to go ahead with the purchase and necessary repairs or not, it is far better to know what you are getting before purchasing, than to be left wondering.


Radiator Repairs Mornington


If you require a radiator replacement or radiator repairs then Mornington Automotive Specialists’ team of experts can help. Radiator repairs are far too important to leave to just anyone, and this is where the Bosch nationwide warranty really comes into its own.


If you have issues with a service or repair (including radiator repairs) performed at Mornington Automotive Specialists within twelve-months, then you are entitled to have the problem fixed to your satisfaction free of charge. As a part of the Bosch network, we will also provide this service if you ever have an issue with repairs or services offered by another Bosch service centre. 


Tow Bars Mornington


We can both fit, and safely remove tow bars, so Mornington motorists can hit the road with confidence. Our technicians can offer advice on the right tow bar set for your vehicle and its towing capacity, ensuring that you have everything you need and that you are armed with all the information you need to know before hooking up a trailer, caravan, or float.


If your car came with a tow bar that you don’t use, then we can remove it without causing damage to your car. Many motorists find an unused tow bar a nuisance and a hazard, so if you’re afraid of hitting your shins on an unwanted tow bar every time you open the boot, bring your car to us for a quick and efficient tow bar removal. 


Tyres Mornington


At each log book service or roadworthy check we’ll inspect your tyres to ensure they aren’t suffering from wear, and if the tread has worn down or worn unevenly, we can rotate the tyres, or replace them with new ones from trusted brands such as Michelin tyres. Mornington motorists can expect the same exceptional service and attention to detail as they would with any other service at Mornington Automotive Specialists.


Our aim is to keep everyone on the roads as safe as possible, so whether you drive a Volkswagen van or a Mercedes sports car, you can count on our team of experienced technicians to take care of your tyres.


ATE Brakes Mornington


Whether it’s part of a scheduled service, or you have concerns about a strange noise your car is making when you brake, it is important to have your car’s braking function checked regularly so that any adjustments, replacements or repairs can be made.


Our brake services look at both the mechanical and electronic components that make up any effective braking system, and when we need to assess the condition of your brakes, we will use only the best tools and diagnostic equipment. If components need to replaced or repaired, then we will use only the very best in brake discs, brake pads, drum brakes, brake fluids, hydraulics, clutch components, and sensors, from reputable manufacturers like ATE brakes. Mornington Peninsula locals can rest assured that we have the experience and equipment to provide a first-rate service for your Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Citroen, Lexus, Renault, or Volkswagen.


Call us on (03) 5975 7700 to find out more, or to book a service or repair with the expert automotive specialists ‘near me’.






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