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Looking for a car service near Frankston with a difference? It’s true, your car can be a great expense to upkeep, and keep roadworthy – not to mention the many costs of registering the vehicle, pink slips etc. For car service Frankston motorists will find saving them in the long, make Mornington Automotive Specialists for all your mechanical needs! We are a registered ‘Bosch’ service. This means that, not only is the quality of our services backed by the Bosch world-recognised brand, all our services are warranties are subject to warranty!


This warranty applies, whether we’re performing a brake service for Frankston’s motorists, or mechanical repairs – Frankston drivers know they’re getting the best deal.  

Car Mechanical & Brake Repairs Service Frankston 


Our car mechanic for Frankston’s motorists are expertly trained and are constantly having their training updated, in keeping with the Bosch auditing system for technicians and equipment. In order to provide a warranty guarantee, Bosch must ensure that all car mechanics at Bosch car service centre have the most up-to-date training available on the market, to cope with new innovations in the automotive industry.


Our car mechanics for Frankston vehicle owners are simply the best trained in the business, whether the issue is brake service or major mechanical repairs – Frankston drivers won’t be disappointed.


Hence mechanical repairs in Frankston and surrounding suburbs, such as Hastings, Red Hill, Rosebud, are performed with the most state-of-the-art technology.

Car Air Conditioning Frankston 


Has your car undergone a check of the car air conditioning in Frankston recently? A regular car air conditioning service for Frankston vehicles is important to preserve fuel efficiency in your vehicle and, believe it or not, to make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive. That’s right, car air conditioning in Frankston vehicles is a health issue.


Why safe? Well, with a regular car air conditioning service Frankston vehicle owners will ensure that their car air con vents are cleaned of any nasty microbes that can blow into your respiratory system while you are driving, making you quite sick! 


Regularly changing your car’s air con refrigerant gas is also important, as this maintains the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Roadworthy Certificate Frankston 


When you trade a vehicle in Australia, you must ensure that that vehicle has been booked in with a reputable mechanic for a roadworthy certificate. Frankston drivers should know that this is the case, whether you are buying or selling. Roadworthy certificates for Frankston motorists ensure only that the vehicle is minimally operative on the road. Our roadworthy certificates for Frankston mean that the car in question is safe (and legal) to drive.


We also have a registered diesel mechanical for Frankston’s diesel enthusiasts.  


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