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Do you need a reputable service centre for your Peugeot in Mornington? The long-established tradition of quality craftsmanship with Peugeot vehicles requires quality car service. With Mornington Automotive Specialists, you know you’re getting a service that is well known throughout the region for a superior service. We will keep your Peugeot in top working order, so that it will work at its best and enjoy a long, happy life.


Our service is well known throughout the Mornington region because of our log book service. This means that our service is as good as the manufacturer’s – but without our customers needing to pay through the nose for the manufacturer’s services! It also means that you can keep any warranty on your vehicle, provided by the manufacturer, without having a dealer that services the vehicle at considerable expense.



Many customers who bring their Peugeot to Mornington from other surrounding suburbs, such as DromanaFrankstonHastingsRed Hill, and Rosebud, assume that they need to take their vehicles to the dealership or a Melbourne Peugeot service centre, in order to preserve their new-car warranty. This is not the case! You can preserve the new car warranty on your Peugeot with a service at Mornington Automotive Specialists.


Get a service that is better than the rest, when you bring your vehicle for a car air conditioning service, roadworthy certificate, or repairs or maintenance for your Peugeot’s brakes at Mornington Automotive Specialists.


Make sure, if you’re purchasing or selling a vehicle, that you have a valid roadworthy certificate. This is required by Australian and Victorian law.

Peugeot Timing Belts


Peugeots may be renowned for their luxury and performance, however, their timing belts will still need to be replaced at regular intervals, as with any other car. When you bring your Peugeot to us for regular log book servicing, you can rely on our team to take note of the kilometres travelled, as well as any unexpected wear and tear on the vehicle, ensuring that its service logs are always kept up to date.


To ensure your Peugeot’s timing belt isn’t neglected, we will always let you know if a log book timing belt replacement is due soon, or whether unusual wear and tear has meant that this essential service should be performed sooner than expected.


Here at Mornington Automotive Specialists you can rely on our team to be upfront, honest, and to charge fairly for a high-quality service by qualified technicians, with the Bosch service centre promise of genuine replacement parts.


Call us today to book an appointment or to find out more about the Bosch certified Peugeot specialists ‘near me’.





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