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Your car air conditioning system is an important feature of your vehicle’s comfort. The best way to ensure that your air conditioning continues to work at its best, and that it is safe for your and your passengers, is to regularly service the system. Our expert mechanics advise that, at a minimum, any car air conditioning Mornington motorists need to service at least every year.

This particularly the for the refrigerant chemicals in your vehicle, which over time will leak and cause your air con system to be cooled less effectively. The truth is, many our customers will avoid servicing their air con system to save money, however, the savings are very likely being wasted in fuel costs, as your car works harder to cool air. For car air conditioning Mornington motorists will find cheaper to run, bring your vehicle to Mornington Automotive Specialists.

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Motorists should note: regular cleaning of your air con system is also important to retain a healthy car cabin. Bacteria does collect in the vents and, if not regularly cleaned, this can cause ‘sick car syndrome’ – infections spread into your lungs through your air con vents. Why not bring your vehicle to Mornington Automotive Specialists to ensure a safe driving experience for you and your passengers?

We service a range of areas, including Rosebud, Rye, Somerville, Mount Martha. Our car mechanics provide superior car service for Melbourne’s motorists, whether you need a brake service or a roadworthy certificate. We can also help with the full range of mechanical repairs and have a registered diesel mechanic on site.




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