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Looking for a Rye car service that will help you get more value out of your car? It’s true that many car services or car repairs will cost you, especially if you need non-standard services, like air conditioning repair or a full brake service. Many of our customers will avoid brining their vehicles in from Rye for car service for this exact reason – the expense. However, we encourage our customers to bring their vehicle from Rye to mechanics who will take the time to get to know your vehicle. We take the long view for all our car service.


For a Rye mechanic who thinks about how to keep your vehicle on the road for longer, come to Mornington Automotive Specialists.


Auto Electrician Rye


These days, innovations in the automotive industry are exponentially increasing. Many of these innovations apply to the electronics in your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to have a properly qualified auto electrician for Rye motorists, someone whose re-training is also versatile enough to keep up with the latest trends in innovation and design in the automotive industry. For an auto electrician near Rye that you can trust, come to Mornington Automotive Specialists. Whatever your vehicle type or make, we have the expertise to get your car up and running again in not time.


Maybe you’ve had some issues with your vehicle’s Bluetooth? Or your GPS system is leading you off the beaten path (and not in a good way!). At Mornington Automotive Specialists, we’ll have you back on the straight and narrow, listening to your favourite song again in no time at all



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