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For a Volvo service in Mornington that you can rely on, it must be Mornington Automotive Specialists. All our work comes with the quality guarantee that customers have come to expect from a Bosch-approved car service and car mechanic. All our mechanics employ only Bosch-guaranteed parts in repairs. As the largest manufacturer of parts in the world, the Bosch company knows a few things about the kinds of services and parts that are necessary to keep your Volvo running at its best!

It also means that our technicians and car mechanics are the best trained for Volvo service in Mornington, but also across Red Hill, Rosebud, Rye, Somerville, Mount Martha and more. Bosch approved services must be regularly updated in training so that techniques meet the requirements of any new technology coming onto the market. This is particularly the case with world-leading manufacturers like Volvo, which is constantly upgrading its vehicles with new tech – but we probably don’t need to tell you that, since you’re already a Volvo fan!


Mornington Automotive Specialist’s Bosch car service comes with a warranty (for one year or 20,000 k – whatever arises first), meaning that any part repaired or serviced, if not satisfactory, will be repaired or reserviced for free! That’s right – that’s our quality assurance! That’s why you should look for the Bosch brand, whenever it’s time for your next service.

It’s important to have performed on your vehicle a regular Volvo service. Mornington drivers will find car air conditioning service, brake service and roadworthy certificates for your vehicle are all very affordable.

Volvo Brake Repairs Mornington

Regular log book servicing for your Volvo’s brakes at Mornington Automotive Specialists is a great way to keep them in perfect working order, catching any small issues and replacing worn brake pads or discs before they can cause problems.

If you are experiencing more serious problems with the brakes in your Volvo, then repairs at Mornington Automotive Specialists come covered by the same, quality, Bosch guarantee. And because we specialise in luxury performance vehicles such as Volvo, we have all the necessary diagnostic equipment, and the know-how, to analyse problems with your vehicle’s ABS, as well as any other computer and mechanical issues that may arise.

Many Mornington motorists choose Volvos because of the company’s reputation for safety. Because of this, we pay extra attention to the safety features that Volvo is known for, ensuring that everything is kept in top condition with our regular log book servicing that adheres to the manufacturer’s directions, and picking up on any niggling issues before they can cause larger problems.

To find out more, or to book your car in for a service with the Volvo experts ‘near me’, call us on (03) 5975 7700.





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